Beaconsfield Wine Cellars has been in existence for nearly 40 years.

The principle area of the shop is devoted to fine French wines many of which are shipped directly from France. This enables the prices to be competitive and the quality maintained. From other parts of the world the stocks are primarily from small estate growers and owners or winemakers.

Proprietor Neil Bingham spent his formative wine years in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain, and Portugal where he helped harvest the grapes and make the wines as well as appreciating a growing comprehension of the culture, wines, and food of these regions.

Our customers are informed of the style of the wine they are about to purchase, how to prepare each bottle and the best way to serve it. In order to do this, and maintain quality of all the new wines they are tasted by Neil whose palate has stood him in good stead for many years.

Our customers come from many walks of life. These discerning people enjoy the variation of wines and the extensive knowledge of Neil and his able staff, not only of the wines but also the background of the wine makers and the areas from which the wines come.

Our Quality Assurance

It is our passion that we do not only find and supply the finest quality wines and beverages from around the world, but it is equally important that they are stored and delivered to you in the finest condition.

Our wealth of experience allows us to guarantee first class products arriving to you in first class condition.

Every effort is made to ensure that your wine is in perfect condition when you open the bottle. If unfortunately it is not up to our usual standards then we will make every effort to replace the bottle or refund your money providing the bottle is returned to us with most of its contents intact.

With older vintages, some bottles may not have been cellared very well during their lifetime and before they arrive with us. Under these circumstances we regret we are unable to refund money or replace bottles that do not meet our exacting standards. It is impossible to taste every bottle for obvious reasons.

Please note that some of the wine shown on this site may be out of stock please telephone or email to confirm availability, price and vintage.